Our Happy Clients

At Golden Hill Market, we take pride in our friendly customer service and LOVE hearing back from customers and their experience with us! Check out what Golden Hill Market customers have to say about us:


“Coldest beer in San Diego with friendly staff and a HUGE selection of craft beers, fine wine and high-end liquor. Shop there enough and they will even take requests for what to stock next.”

- Dylan O.

“I don’t drink alcohol, I’m a recovering alcoholic, but I buy my cigarettes here.  Luckily the place is stocked up with other goodies too. Ice cold sodas, health-conscious juices & tea’s, ice cream, candy, tons of snacks & at good prices. They Have a $H!T LOAD of Booze Too! It’s a nice neighborhood market & the guys working the place are always happy & super nice with the customers, just the best & from the heart customer service that’s real. Check the place out!”

- Luis D.

“This is my new favorite liquor store! They recently remodeled and it is absolutely stunning. They have a HUGE inventory of liquor, beer, and wine and a bunch of allocated products. They also have excellent customer service and I love the employees! Definitely a new regular at Golden Hill Market & Liquor!”

- Rita H.

“They have such an amazing selection of almost every drink, love this place!”

-Brittany L.

“Been in the neighborhood since I was a kid, my go to spot, they did a great job with the remodel, if I told you how this place looked like when I was growing up you wouldn’t believe me. I’m happy they’ve kept the mural which is a local landmark on Market St. Cold beers and cool cashiers! Don’t be afraid to walk in.”

- Johnathan J.

“The staff here has always been friendly and they are open until 2am! The only place in San Diego to get a beer as I head home from work! I always come here for my drinks and will always praise the place! Clean, friendly and bangin with music! Always worth a stop!”

- Mathew W.

“I really like this place. They offer a great variety from premium high-end spirits to inexpensive liquor. Beer plays a great role in my day-to-day rituals at night, very extensive selection of lagers and exotic IPAs! The staff is great at looking out for your budget and needs. Just ask them and they will guide you with a friendly smile.”

- Carlos I.

“Great selection of beer, wine, and snacks. Their snack aisle has selections of tastier chips found in Mexico.”

- Adam G.


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