Golden Hill Market

Golden Hill Market

Your Destination for Liquor, Beer, and Wine in San Diego.


Huge Selection

Golden Hill Market is proud to offer San Diego the largest selection of liquors in town! From beer to whiskey to tequila, you’ll find everything in this welcoming market!

Family Owned

Golden Hill Market is proud to be a family-owned business. Our top goal is to offer the community the best liquor at the best prices possible!

Historical Location

We are located in a beautiful, historical area with a rich history. The mural outside on the store’s exterior is always a great photo spot!


We’re the high spirit people!

Golden Hill Market is the ultimate liquor place where you can find all of your favorite spirits! From classics such as beer, wine, and tequila to rarities like peanut butter whiskey, you’ll find it right here in our shop! As a family-owned business, you’ll only receive the best, most welcoming customer service from us!  We treat our customers like family, so you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be enjoying the best prices as well!

We don’t just sell bottles; we sell the stories behind them!

We know how important it is to have quality liquor. Life’s too short for bad alcohol, so live life to the max with our HUGE selection of premium whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, rum, cognac, champagne, wine, and more! Never leave your happy hour to chance; visit Golden Hill Market today!


Come visit our selection of spectacular liquor from around the world!

Our top goal is to provide the best customer service to all of our customers. We have a large variety of beverages and delicious snacks! Come in today and choose your favorite beverage! If you place a review on our page, you’ll get 5% off your next purchase! We love to give back to our loyal customers!

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